Friday, March 29, 2013

Hair Expo Finalist - Photographic Collection of the Year

The following images are a collaboration with hairdresser, Craig Smith and coordinated by the creative team at Beehive Creative. Beehive Creative founder and director, Leesa Smith approached me with a new concept to design garments by drawing directly onto photographs. Normally, the garments are created then documented in a photographic studio. But this time, the models were photographed in just body stockings and the poses/photographs were sent to me. The challenge was to design garments to the brief of 'Edgy Asian' then draw the designs into the contours of the models' body poses. My final drawings were superimposed onto the photo, and colour added to maximise the impact of this exciting and groundbreaking artistic approach. The images were Craig's submission for Hair Expo 2013 and have currently been selected as one of four finalists in Photographic Collections of the year.

Here are the original drawings completed in lead pencil on architectural tracing film. The small silhouette at the top corner of each image shows the full length design to be made by myself and my team.

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